About Us


Our mission is to build and nurture intergenerational leaders through transformative education and revolutionary social action.

Our vision is for South Seattle to be an epicenter where Black and Brown folx thrive. We achieve this vision through year-round educational programming that re-engages students in school, dismantles systemic racism, and disrupts the school to prison pipeline for black and brown youth in South Seattle.

Healing Centered

We value self-love and healing so that we can come together to implement collective healing in our community.
Youth Led

We center the voices of the youth we serve and support them in being at the forefront of every movement.
Creative + Innovative
WA-BLOC is a team of self-starters who aim to cultivate and implement new ideas to enhance our unique programming.
We encourage our students to be their authentic selves without apology.
Racial Equity

Racial equity is at the center of WA-BLOC year-round programming, as it spurs inter-generational place-based community organizing, centering the voices and leadership of youth of color most impacted by historic and system racism in all facets of our work via place-based leadership, circle practices, and community collaboration– transforming processes to redress the multi-dimensional impacts of racism.
Inter-Generational Leadership
Intergenerational leadership development builds self-reflection, teamwork and leadership skills in both scholars and college-age leaders. Development occurs where post-college age adults

Meet Our Team

Restorative Justice Coordinator
Restorative Justice Director
Operations and Finance Director
Restorative Justice Director
Communications and Development Coordinator
RBHS Social Worker and Liaison
Freedom Schools Site Coordinator


July 6, 2015:
First Freedom Schools Summer
Inaugural Freedom School at Rainier Beach High School
August 14, 2015:
First Day of Social Action
Freedom Schools scholars organize a march to protest against 2.5-mile walk zone policy, marching from John Stanford Center to City Hall; launching a multi-year campaign ultimately leading to the Youth Orca Card Program which provides free ORCA cards for middle and high school students; walk zone policy reduced to 1 mile.